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Dentist Berlin Steglitz

Dentist Berlin Steglitz

For healthy and good teeth

Whether taking a quick snack in between or enjoying a main meal, whether laughing sporadically or giving a friendly smile. We use and show our teeth every day. They represent us like a brand as unique individuals. And just like a good brand, it is necessary to take care of them thoroughly and in case of complaints to enlist the assistance of a dentist rapidly. That is our goal at the dentist Berlin Steglitz.

Your smile is our goal

The team of the dentist Berlin Steglitz has made it its business to look after the welfare of your teeth. Up to the old age, teeth are under constant workload and are threatened by bacteria and diseases. We ensure that you don’t have to worry about these things and that you can keep your smile carefree to the old age with the aid of our all-round and proven service.

An atmosphere of well-being

To do the best for your teeth at dentist Berlin Steglitz, it is very important for us as dentists that you feel comfortable as a visitor at our dentist practice. Because we want that you honor us with a friendly smile. Therefore, we offer you a fashionably decorated dentist practice here in Berlin Steglitz, in which you can feel as comfortable as possible during waiting time and treatment. With the help of a structured schedule and a well-arranged division of labor, we strive to limit your waiting time to a minimum, so that you can integrate an appointment at the dentist Berlin Steglitz good in your weekly routine. For short-term emergencies, we are always available by phone during the indicated office hours and can quickly arrange an appointment for you.

A good team

By all this we wish that you trust us and feel yourself as a friendly awaited guest at the dentist Berlin Steglitz, both in the waiting room and in the treatment room. Our team of open-minded and well-trained staff is looking forward to your visit. We see a unique individual with specific needs and concerns in each of our patients. Because of that our team combines a good, professional education with particularly strong interpersonal skills to ensure every guest a pleasant stay and a successful treatment.

Our services for you

As a modern and performance-oriented dentist, we rely on modern technology and the latest scientific findings in the field of dentistry and odontology. In so doing we meet our reputation as modern dentist in the area of Berlin Steglitz. Through regular monitoring and check-ups, it is possible to destroy the culture medium for the majority of dangers for your teeth. As a special service, we would therefore like to refer to the professional tooth cleaning at our dentist Berlin Steglitz. In this cleaning especially those areas are treated which can’t be cleaned sufficiently by the toothbrush or which are covered by braces or crowns. Especially in these areas a higher risk of the formation of tooth deposit (plaque) can exist.
The offer of our dentist Berlin Steglitz includes all services of dental treatments, including:

  • Professional prophylaxis to prevent tooth decay and to fix minor damage nurturing
  • Affordable mini implants to replace single teeth or to give hold to full dentures
  • Treatment of inflamed gum
  • Tooth restoration through artificial tooth filling and restoration by special pontics and crowns

Our team of the dentist in 12163 Berlin Steglitz is looking forward to your visit.

Sie lieben Ihren Beruf? Dann werden Sie uns und unsere Patienten lieben! Zur Verstärkung unseres Teams suchen wir eine Zahnmedizinische Verwaltungsassistenz (m/w) in Berlin-Steglitz!

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